An interesting story...

How we became obsessed with Shrubs

CT and Jody Williams have long been in the beverage industry, both working in the wine industry for over 15 years and owning their own wine bar for eleven of those. In that time, a love of organic gardening has quite literally taken over their backyard and with that a fascination for all things that can be produced from the plethora of fruits, veggies and roots coming out of their soil. After enjoying some shrub cocktails at a local restaurant they started thinking how fun it would be to start making their own for home consumption as the two love to enjoy a cocktail or two when taking a break from wine. Naturally, that led to the idea to be able to share these fun flavors with other farm-minded people who love the science of infusing and fermentation. From that, Broken Clock was born, as these drinking vinegars can be enjoyed anytime of day, either with a dash of your favorite spirit or with a glass of sparkling water. Their daughter, Audrey, enjoys sipping Shrub sodas when she's feeling fancy! She's also very helpful at the winery doing punch downs and taste testing new flavors.


Inspired, not infused...

Our Culinary Vinegar

In May of 2019 CT's first culinary vinegar finally became ready for release. These specialty bottlings consist of just 3 ingredients: 2 fruits and water. The fruits are co-fermented into wine which is then immediately transferred to the Vinegar Room, a specialty room built for the optimum conditions to foster acetification, and inoculated with our Mother of Vinegar. The process of transforming the wine to vinegar takes months and when it is completed the resulting vinegar is put into neutral oak barrels for aging.

When deemed ready, water is added to the vinegar to achieve 5% acidity and then bottled: raw, unfiltered and live with the mother. There are no additives, chemicals or agents of any kind used at any step in the process.