Blueberry & Vanilla

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My dad's favorite, this shrub is a pleasure for the senses. The silky hint of vanilla (we use whole Madagascar vanilla pods) paired with the juicy tang of the berries makes for a heavenly match-up. Add it to any spirit, dash it onto Prosecco, reduce it and pour over ice cream...guzzle if by the tablespoon when nobody is looking...whatever you decide to do, it's delicious.

  • Recipe Ideas

    • Drinks

    Shrub Mule-Mix 2 oz. vodka, 1 oz. shrub, 2 oz ginger beer over ice.

    Shrubmosa-Prosecco with a dash of shrub (approx. 1/5 oz.) on top.

    • Food

    Fudge Brownies with Blueberry Vanilla Shrub baked in

    Blueberry Pie or Cobbler with BV Shrub used in filling as replacement for added sugar and lemon zest




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