Margarita Shrub

Margarita Shrub

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If you love serrano chile margaritas or agave nectar margaritas this shrub is for you! Made with whole tomatillos, jalapenos and bell peppers, it is packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients. Capiscum, the spice in peppers, is great for boosting metabolism and fighting off the common cold. Pair this with the detoxing effects of vinegar and you have a wonder shrub.

  • Recipe Ideas

    • Drinks

    Spciy Shrubarita- Mix 2 oz. silver tequila, 1 oz. shrub and 2 oz. sparkling lime over ice

    • Food

    Ceviche-add a bit to fresh squeezed citrus juice for a bit of spice, let white fish "cook" for 10-20 minutes in marinade.

    Chicken or Shrimp Skewers-whisk with olive oil, S&P and use as spicy marinade.